Community Never Retires

UpGen CLT started with the idea that joy and community are especially important once we reach retirement age.

The strong daily social interactions and bonds we have made from a life through work can suddenly be cut.

At UpGen CLT we aim to provide an uplifting community for retired and senior men and women living in Charlotte. As a non-profit, we focus ourselves on providing opportunity and space for valuable members of the community to enjoy their life, learn and engage with each other on a daily basis.

The beginning of 2020 has brought us a partnership to help us in facilitating our community events. We would like to thank Iora Primary Care of Pineville for partnering with us and for helping us in our community events and to help further widen our Up Gen community. For more information of Iora Primary Care, you can visit their website at https://ioraprimarycare.com/pineville/.

Founded on Strong Principles

Dolores Smith is the founder of UpGen CLT as well as a registered nurse for mentally and physically handicapped children and adults (RNMH). Upon moving to North Carolina, Dolores began working in depth with the elderly as a caregiver/CNA.

She noticed that while clients’ physical needs were met, their mental and social needs were not. Her passion drove her to create an environment where senior men and women can freely enjoy time with others and acquire a sense of belonging, joy, and purpose.